​Hello there beautiful butterflies!

I have decided to make a health and fitness blog to help me keep motivation while I’m working out. It will also help me see how far I have come in future months. I honestly cannot wait to get started with this!

I plan to make posts about my upcoming Insanity workouts, kinda like a diary almost. But what better way to do that than to post them publicly! I’m also going to keep a food diary of everything that I have eaten in a week, or something like that. And I will post my bi-weekly fit tests that you do with the Insanity workouts. I am somewhat uncomfortable with sharing full-body pictures and measurements but I am absolutely going to do exactly that! I might do pictures everyweek and measurements bi-weekly along with my fit test results.

I am going to put almost everything online. So maybe you can come along on the Journey with me! It would be amazing if we could get a little group together on the Internet and share everything together!!

I look forward to this!

Check out my beauty, Fashion, Life blog: AliciaaaDawnn.Wordpress.com



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